Karelia amazes with the beauty of virgin nature. It is here that the New Year will seem most snow-covered to tourists, which will bring new, incomparable impressions. Every year the influx of tourists in this region only increases. The region has long been creating competition for Finland, the Alps, Norway, and many winter holiday criteria. Among the advantages of Karelia - very affordable prices.

Weather and other features of the region

The main thing that attracts tourists to Karelia for winter holidays is:

  • virgin nature;
  • developed infrastructure and hotel service;
  • democratic prices;
  • magnificent scenery.

Weather can also be considered an advantage. In Karelia, guests will enjoy a real Russian winter with snow and frost. The average daytime temperature varies between -5 ... -10 degrees. Night often -15 degrees, which can be considered quite comfortable indicators. Moreover, the humidity in this period is relatively small, only 50% -60%. Therefore, frost is easily tolerated.

The average snow cover area is 10-15 centimeters, which is suitable for sledding, skiing and dog sledding. January pleases guests of Karelia with many sunny days, but sometimes you can feel the gusts of cold wind. From this will save good warm clothes.

Where to live in Karelia

There are few accommodation options in the region, but there is enough space for everyone. Petrozavodsk has cozy and comfortable hotels. You can also choose a guest house, cottage or hostel. Surprisingly, it is cheaper to stay in a hotel. Reservation is required in advance. Standard double room costs about 2500 rubles per day.

If the choice fell on the camp sites, then you can move into one of several dozen. Most of them have an excellent entertainment program and a high level of service.

Rest House "Verkhovye" will cost from 2000 rubles. For this money you can use a cafe, sauna, snow slides, wireless Internet, equipment for skiing.

Accommodation in the "Silent Lake" will cost 600 rubles per person. There is a playground, everything for fishing, a husky kennel, a cafe.

"Urozero" will cost 650 rubles. For this money, you can use the wellness room, snowmobile rental, ski equipment, sharabana, tackle for winter fishing. Rest House "Alekka" will cost 800 rubles per person. There is a cafe, sauna, covered gazebo, barbecue facilities, sports equipment for rent.

Houses and cottages are suitable for those who want privacy and tranquility. Rent of such housing will cost from 3,000 to 15,000 rubles per day. The longer the rent, the cheaper the cost per day.

How to have fun in Karelia on New Year's holidays

The most important winter activities in Karelia are skiing, sleigh rides, snowboarding, dog sledding trips, snowmobiles, as well as a visit to the local residence of Santa Claus.

It offers several ski slopes:

  • Spassky Guba;
  • Mound;
  • Yalgora;
  • Little Bear.

For family holidays Malaya Medvezhka is most suitable. It has everything to spend time with children. Those who go to Yalgora will be able to enjoy the descents from 400 meters with differences in height to 100 meters. This route attracts lovers of extreme skiing. The tracks in Kurgan are suitable even for training professional athletes. There is a cafe and a children's skating rink. The track stretches 10 kilometers.

In addition to active recreation Karelia attracts a variety of attractions. Among them are Lake Ladoga, Marcial Waters, Onega and White Sea petroglyphs, the historical complex "Death Valley", the Three Bears Zoo, Valaam Islands, Solovki, Kizhi and others. Karelian waterfalls also attract the attention of tourists. There are more than a dozen of them, but Girvas is the largest and most famous.

New Year's tours 2019 in Karelia: prices and features

Christmas tours in Karelia can be very diverse. The standard for this region is a five-day trip with accommodation in a hotel in Petrozavodsk. Such a trip from Moscow will cost about 16,000 rubles per person. The list of services includes food, accommodation, all kinds of entertainment, several excursions and the road.

Tours for families with children additionally include a trip to the zoo, the palace of culture and the residence of Santa Claus. The cost of such a trip to a family with one child starts from 35,000 rubles.

New Year's Eve at the hostel "Engozero" with excursions in the White Sea (12.31.18-03.01.19) will cost 22,000 rubles per person. A trip to Karelian Dudu Moroz for 4 days with departure on 12/30/18, 01/02/19 and 01/05/19 costs 13,800 rubles. The “Magic New Year” tour (12/31/18 - 01/01/19) with accommodation in the hotel “Peter Inn” or “Karelia” costs 18,900 rubles. New Year in the style of "Karjala" will allow you to get acquainted with the life of the tribe of the same name. There is a tour from 12/31/18 to 01/03/19 15900 rubles.

New Year in Karelia: reviews of tourists

Judging by the reviews, most places of residence for tourists satisfy all requests.Despite the absence of the usual noisy entertainment that most often accompanies the New Year, Karelia gives its guests a lot of original and interesting events.

First of all, pleasure comes from communicating with untouched nature. Those tourists who could appreciate this feature of the region, received a lot of pleasure. Most of the tourists went here for living in wooden houses in the open air. For Karelia, this option is the best, as it allows to dissolve in the atmosphere.

The residence of Karelian Father Frost, of course, is inferior to the one that is located in Veliky Ustyug. But the fact that it is not so crowded here can be a weighty argument in favor. Dog sledding and sleigh rides are loved by children of all ages. This service is available in Karelia in many places.

It is important to understand the purpose of such a trip. If a tourist clearly imagines why he should celebrate New Year in Karelia, he will be pleased with the trip. The winter fairy tale in the lap of virgin nature and in the clear air is provided for him.


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