The pursuit of naturalness does not exclude some image creation techniques using artificial materials. Among such extended nails.

Using this technique makes it possible to vary the length, as well as to hide the imperfections of your natural nail. In addition, the extension plate assumes a wide field for experiments with design.

General recommendations for lovers of extended nails

It is not necessary to use the opportunity to form the nail plate of extreme length. Still, 2018 requires a maximum approximation to naturalness. The nails should be of moderate size, the regrown part can reach only 30% of the rest of the plate. The length should be within 0.7 cm. It is beautiful and comfortable. This type of nails will make the ladies' pens feminine and graceful, eliminating excessive aggression.

For a casual look, fashionistas are advised to choose the classic forms of nails. It is a soft almond shape or a flattened square.In addition, you can save your natural shape, only slightly adjusting the edges. Designers believe that it is square nails that allow you to create the largest variety of design and decoration options.

A separate category is the lovers of pointed claws. This form can be stylish only if moderate length. For a party or a solemn informal event, you can ramp up sharp long peaks, more like the claws of a cat or bird. This option is suitable for an extravagant bold image.

But in the case of extended nails, on the occasion you can get a nail plate of any length and shape. Artificial materials almost do not limit the master in these matters.

The advantage of the extended nails is the possibility of a radical change in the nature of the nails that failed on the nature. Fingers with a wide and short nail plate will turn into elegant narrow fingers at the ends with an ideal shape of the regrown part.

Color solutions for building

Experts recommend choosing deep saturated colors for nails. Shades of red will receive first place in the popularity rating of 2018. You can safely wear a manicure the color of Marsala, cardinal, cherry, wine shades.

Also noteworthy are the dark tones of purple, blue and brown. It is important to achieve the effect of precious stones on the nails. Flat colors are not allowed. They must play and shine, breaking the rays of light. Even matte shades can be deep and mysterious.

In the warm season, you can safely decorate your fingers with yellow, bright pink, orange and red flowers. Their combinations are able to give the owners of such rainbow nails a good mood, as well as the undivided attention of others.

For modest women, pastel colors will remain in trend: muted pink, beige, baked milk, pale yellow and others. Such a manicure is in harmony with any style in clothing.

Mint and blue color will refresh any image. Therefore, these shades migrated into the new season from the past and have retained their relevance.

Pastel shades and nude range look elegant and stylish. This is a win-win for business manicure and short nails.

Nail extensions

Special attention in the new season is paid to the texture of the nail plate. It is fashionable to combine a glossy finish with a matte finish.

Also look volumetric patterns, imitating knitted things, a brick wall or the skin of an animal. Interestingly look like water drops on the nails. For extreme manicure, some salons offer gluing a piece of leather, faux fur or other textured materials over the extended nail.

For a suitable occasion, you can make an original manicure with voluminous colors of polymer clay. You can also make a cute ladybird, a slice of a lemon or an orange, a silhouette of a cat and much more out of this material.

Decor elements

Splayed nails are a field for decorative activities. You can draw, glue applications and rhinestones on them, form a fancy shape.

Drawings and patterns

To decorate the extended nail plate, an ombre technique is suitable. It consists in a smooth transition from one shade to another. Pastel colors are suitable for modest women, and the transition from one bright shade to another will decorate the fingers of courageous desperate girls.

French and Antifrench are the trends of the new season. Nail masters also use these decoration techniques. Guru Neil Art say that in 2018, French and moon manicures can be performed in the trendy colors of the season. The contrast of the selected shades will provide an interesting visual effect, regardless of whether the regrown part or the cuticle color is colored.

Particularly interesting is the combination of both styles, when a contrast is highlighted and the regrown end of the nail, and the hole. Red and black colors will make the classics updated and extraordinary. Combinations of other contrasting shades will have the same effect.

As an alternative to franch, you can use a frame.This method of nail design is drawing a neat frame along the contour of the nail plate. It is important that the shades of the coating are contrasting. Then the manicure will look original.

The high level of skill will allow the artist to create a mini-picture on the nails. This can be done on one of the nails or decorate all the fingers. Approximately the same effect can be achieved with the help of stickers on which thumbnails are printed.

In 2018, a wide range of drawings is in fashion: reproductions of paintings, silhouettes, geometric figures and lines, cartoon characters, symbols and paraphernalia of subcultures.

Technique stamping will also be at the peak of fashion in the new season. It consists in creating stamps of a certain shape and applying varnish with their help. As a result, each nail will have the same neat silhouette, which is quite difficult to repeat with a brush.

In addition to drawings, extended nails can be decorated with rhinestones, various colored powders, Swarovski crystals, shells and even textiles.

Splayed nails are an endless source of inspiration for the master. The main thing is to choose an idea that is in harmony with the image of the future owner of the enhanced artwork.


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