Modern tattoos differ in a special variety and color scale. That is why every year more and more girls want to make for themselves a drawing with a special meaning. Someone regards the tattoo as a personal mascot, while others do it in order to stand out from the crowd. In any case, we suggest to consider tattoos that are the most relevant in 2017 and maybe among them you will find the perfect option for yourself.

tattoo 2017


The main trend in the tattoo world in 2017 can be called images of birds. We recommend to look not only at small silhouettes of swallows, but also at larger representatives. The most popular are swallows, miniature hummingbirds, and also owls. They attract the attention of girls not only by their appearance, but also by their value.

For example, a hummingbird tattoo is most often chosen for its beauty. As for the value, the main is considered tenderness, trembling and lightness. In addition, this bird has always embodied dexterity and great speed, so it is a symbol of the love of life.If the tattoo shows a hummingbird drinking nectar, it means intoxicating feelings and love. According to other sources, hummingbirds are the personification of peace, care and happiness.

In turn, the owl has long been considered a symbol of darkness and sinister power. Moreover, it was associated with black magic, death and witchcraft. But over time, the value of this bird has changed somewhat. Today it is believed that such a picture personifies wisdom, higher intelligence, but at the same time fear and loneliness.


No less relevant pattern for tattoo in 2017 are various animals. Among them, elephants are particularly popular. It used to be thought that this is a cumbersome, heavy animal, which was periodically equated with a turtle. But in the modern world, attitudes towards him have changed, because now he is a symbol of peace and friendliness, as well as wisdom, inner strength and longevity.

In African countries, it is considered the strongest, and in China it symbolizes the supreme power. As you can see, the elephant is a good, but at the same time a serious sign. Therefore, we recommend that you think about everything carefully before registering for the procedure.

Very often, girls choose a wolf pattern. It used to be that he is an exclusively male symbol. As for its values, there is no single option. But still the most common - cunning, cruelty, courage and loyalty. Most often such a pattern is chosen by the leaders, since it fits them in spirit.

Words and phrases

Interesting catch phrases have always been popular with girls. But in order to make the tattoo more interesting, some translate this or that phrase into a foreign language. Most often it is English, French or Latin. But it is not necessary to do the same. Try to choose exactly what characterizes you as a person or has a special meaning.

As for the place of application of such a pattern, it is best to look at the wrist, neck, under the chest or on the back.


Unusual snowflake tattoo is not as common as the previous versions. And all because such a symbol is chosen for themselves by those who do not like is in the center of attention.

But at the same time, such people have a rich inner world, they experience vivid emotions within themselves. This behavior is often confused with coldness and a kind of detachment. In fact, this is not the case, and the snowflake is an indicator of sensitivity, fragility and uniqueness.


The famous female butterfly symbol always resonates with girls. In addition to the basic meaning, it is a symbol of tenderness, lightness, elegance. You must admit that these features are characteristic of a real lady. However, it is believed that only frivolous girls make a butterfly tattoo. Therefore, think carefully before making an appointment with the master.


In modern tattoos is very common feather. It can be classic or in combination with other elements. As for its value, it all depends on the shape and style of the picture. It should be noted that for the first time such tattoos appeared among Indian tribes. So now there is a tattoo with a classic Indian feather or with a feather of a bird.

In general, it is believed that the pen is a symbol of lightness, spirituality, creativity, freedom and trust.


A stunningly beautiful, stylish eye tattoo has a deep meaning. Some sources claim that such an image may be the third eye for a person. That is, thanks to this talisman you will be protected from strikes in the back and betrayal. It is also believed that such a tattoo protects against envious and unhappiness.


One of the most versatile tattoos for both women and men is the moon. The thing is that it means the inconstancy of the world and at the same time is considered the master of emotions or thoughts. It is often depicted in combination with stars or flowers. Of course, depending on the presence of one or another element, the value of the tattoo may vary.

A heart

The embodiment of romance, love and passion is, of course, the heart. This tattoo is especially important in 2017, not only among girls, but also among guys. In addition to the basic meaning, it is believed that the heart is a symbol of courage, sincere friendship, fullness of life. But it must be borne in mind that, depending on the additional elements, the value of the tattoo may vary.

Flower motifs

Not to mention the relevance of the tattoo with a floral image for girls. After all, they are the symbol of the feminine, as well as fragility, tenderness and love. If you like just such an image, then you should definitely study it in more detail. After all, every kind of color has its own meaning.

Tattoo 2017: stylish ideas

The selection of current drawings for tattoos is quite large. Therefore, we recommend choosing not only the one you like, but also study its meaning in detail. Only in this way you will be able to choose an option that will be relevant for many years.


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