Every girl's dream is beautiful and healthy hair. But on the way to this goal, many have some difficulties. If you encounter such a problem, first of all you need to check your health. Sometimes, even because of a lack of vitamins, hair quality suffers. It is also very important to trim the tips regularly and do this procedure on suitable days. That is why we will consider the lunar calendar for 2018, which will help you grow long, luxurious hair.

Hair cutting tips

As they say, if a woman wants to change her life, she starts with a haircut. Often this is true, but still does not recommend making such decisions without thought. Try to weigh everything and only then sign up for a haircut. Carefully choose a master who will hear your desires according to individual characteristics.

Pay attention to the moon when planning a haircut. For example, if you want to grow hair faster, then it is better to have a haircut on a growing moon. Those who want their hair to not fluff or stop falling out should choose the period of the waning moon.

Lunar haircut 2018

You can accelerate hair growth or strengthen the roots with the help of the lunar calendar. It will help determine the optimal day for this procedure and help to quickly achieve the desired result.

January 2018

Of course, on January 1, you should not visit a hairdresser, especially for dramatic changes. According to astrologers, even if you are confident in your master, it is better to sign up for him the next day. For this ideal 2, 3 and 7 January. These days contribute to the growth of new, strong hair.

There are also a few days that are absolutely not suitable for haircuts. These are 4, 10, 11 and 24 January. The remaining dates are considered neutral, so the change in length does not affect the future state of your hair.

February 2018

This month, the situation is similar to the previous one. The first day is not suitable for manipulation of hair. It is better to devote this day to their care in the form of masks for strengthening. For those who want to grow long hair, we recommend planning a trip to the hairdresser in the second half of the month.

Favorable are 2, 22-24, 27 and 28 February. These days are suitable for any haircuts and dyes. If you are going to cut off the tips a bit, then for this you can record February 11-13.

March 2018

Unlike previous months, March is great for experimenting with hair. But still up to 5 numbers it is better not to visit the salon. And in the period from 6 to 8 and from 22 to 28 March, you can not only cut, but also paint curls. It is believed that these dates are the most favorable this month.

April 2018

Those who planned a haircut for April are very lucky. The fact is that regardless of the date, the hair will be strengthened and will be obedient. But if you want to grow the length, be sure to trim the ends a little next month. The most suitable days for haircuts: April 3, 10, 25-28.

May 2018

This month is suitable not only for haircuts, but also for dyeing, curling and care procedures. 1 and 2 numbers are considered favorable, as well as the period from May 15 to 23. These days will help make your hair healthier and stronger. In other dates it is better not to go to the hairdresser.

June 2018

The first summer month is quite rich with suitable dates for cutting curls. Depending on the purpose, select the desired date for entry to the salon. Despite the fact that at the beginning of the month the moon is waning, a haircut during this period will not worsen the condition of the hair. But if you want to achieve their growth, the best thing for this is June 19th. No less favorable would be such dates: 4-6, 11-13, 18, 20, 26 and 27 June.

July 2018

July will please not less favorable dates. According to astrologers, it is better to plan a trip to the salon on the 4th, 10th and 11th numbers. A little shave ends and start the process of hair growth will turn out, if you enroll to the master in such periods: 16-20, as well as July 23-28. Try not to carry out any manipulations on July 6, 29 and 30.

August 2018

To improve the condition of the hair and speed up the growth process will help haircut on such days: 4, 16 and 17 August. Also considered favorable are 7, 9, 14, 21-25, 30 August. The remaining days contribute to slower growth, so try to plan a trip to the hairdresser, taking into account the lunar calendar.

September 2018

September will not be a very favorable month for experiments with hair. It is possible to cut the tips a little at the beginning, but since the moon will be waning at this time, you should not expect intensive hair growth after that. For this purpose, choose one of the dates: 10, 13-18, as well as September 23.

October 2018

This month, you can easily pick a suitable date for a haircut, which will well affect the condition of the hair. These dates include: 10, 12-16, 18 and 24 October. Those who suffer from excessive brittle hair and want to strengthen them should cut their tips on October 1 or 6. According to astrologers, these dates are considered the most suitable for such purposes. We strongly recommend not to sign up for the salon on the 23rd.

November 2018

Visit the beauty salon to change the haircut is best during the new moon. In November 2018, this period is expected on November 7.Therefore, this day, as well as the next - it's time to make an appointment with the master. Favorable will also be November 9, 13, 15 and 21. However, if you wanted to have a haircut on the 19th day, then postpone the visit and try not to do anything with your hair.

December 2018

Before the beginning of the new year it is better not to make any major changes. A little bit you can upgrade haircut or tips 4, 5, 8, 11-14, 20 and 21 December. It is believed that the 16th number is better not to do anything with hair, so as not to harm too much.

When planning a trip to the hairdresser, try to pay attention to the lunar calendar haircuts. Such a simple method will not only grow hair of the desired length, but also strengthen it and make it healthier.

And how do you feel about the lunar calendar: follow the phases of the moon, or do you think such an approach is superstition?


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