Much is already known about the upcoming presidential elections in the Russian Federation: the date, the names of potential candidates, their preliminary rating. But it is no secret to anyone that Putin remains the main favorite in the elections of 2018. For quite a long time, the current President of the Russian Federation remained silent and avoided questions regarding the nomination of his candidacy in the upcoming elections, yet he did not voice it.

Mystery covered in darkness

Earlier, Vladimir Putin in every possible way avoided questions concerning his participation in the elections. For example, the answer to the question whether it is not time to tell about the election plans that was voiced at a press conference in Beijing, the head of state answered unequivocally, “no”.

Of course, Putin always laconically and clearly states his washings, but such an excessive shortness is unusual for him. And this suggests that the question to the ruler was clearly unpleasant. If one can hardly doubt the masculinity and patriotism of the current president, then in the absence of thoughts about the upcoming elections it is hard to believe. It is clear that Vladimir Vladimirovich made plans.However, it is not entirely clear here: either the plan was not built, or it was so bold that the very fact of its presence was a deep mystery.

Instead of Putin

Putin has the highest chance of winning. But let's consider other possible candidates that can compete. There is a chance to take the presidency of the Russian Federation in the current Prime Minister, D. Medvedev, experts say. Most likely, in this case, the already proven scheme that was used in the 2008 elections, when Medvedev received more than 70% of the votes, will be involved. However, the political and economic situation in 2008 is fundamentally different from the current situation. It is quite obvious that at the moment Medvedev is not the strongest candidate from the government. Especially after the notorious investigation of the opposition.

Also, do not forget about the strong decline in the popularity of Medvedev in the regions, including because of the majority of the “winged” sayings of a politician.

Of course, his chance of winning an election is high enough. But victory can be pyrrhic for power. If not “Maidan”, then mass protests with loud slogans can be quite imagined. The probability of his victory is very low.

Dmitry Medvedev

Representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party or the Communists, for which only 10% and 17% of Russians voted at the last election, have minimum chances of winning in 2018, experts say. The role of these political forces is very limited and is unlikely to surpass United Russia representatives. Zhirinovsky is more famous for his expressions and antics. An example of a small politician lies.

If a politician blatantly lies in things that are easy to check, people will not have confidence in him. The chances of winning are minimal.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Opposition leaders - Alexei Navalny, Mikhail Kasyanov and Grigory Yavlinsky, according to experts' forecasts, will also remain without the support of the Russians in 2018. Previous experience of elections to the State Duma in 2016 showed that opposition forces do not enjoy the support of citizens. Unless economic shocks could change the situation, but such, judging by the situation in the oil markets and the stable exchange rate of the national currency, is not expected. Recall that Alexei Navalny (the current leader of the opposition) received wide popularity after the film “He is not Dimon to you”. He is not admitted to the elections at the moment due to his criminal record. Whether this thing is fabricated or not - nobody knows for sure. In our opinion, his chances of winning are minimal.

Alexey Navalny

The names of Sergey Shoigu, Sergey Ivanov, Vyacheslav Volodin, Yuri Trutnev, Sergey Lavrov, Sergey Kiriyenko and Anton Vaino are also mentioned as candidates for the presidency of the country. However, the last two - the head of the Kremlin administration and his first deputy - verified sources are considered as candidates for premiere. Moreover, the shares of Anton Vaino are quoted quite high, and this promising leader may take over the presidency of the Russian Federation after some time. The assumption is fully justified, because Vaino is supported by the oligarchs of Rotenberg and the general director of Rostec, S. Chemezov.

Anton Vaino

According to the available data, T. Golikova (head of the Accounts Chamber) and E. Nabiullina (chairman of the Central Bank) are also on the list of substitutes. They say that Putin is very impressed with the success of both.

Tatyana Golikova

Recently, the popular “socialite” Ksenia Sobchak made a statement about her candidacy for the presidency of Russia in 2018. Does she believe in her victory? It is hardly possible and she understands it. Perhaps he wants to once again popiaritsya or its nomination to someone is profitable. True motives remain unknown. We advise you to see what Ksenia thinks about children and how she treats people when her interests are affected.

Also, the famous girl is unhappy that the poor prevent rest rich and asks to raise the tourism tax, thus isolating the "major" from everyone else. Sobchak shared her instagram in her microblog.

Also the opinion of the presidential candidate about ordinary people leaves much to be desired. Ksenia Anatolyevna doesn’t like the fact that “mere mortals” ride along the same roads as she herself. I wonder how she will solve this problem if she becomes president?

Now imagine what will happen if she really becomes president ...

Ksenia Sobchak

According to the latest data of January 2018, topical candidates for the presidency of the Russian Federation are:

  1. Elvira Agurbash ("Green Alliance") - First Vice President of the company "Mortadel".
  2. Sergey Baburin (ROS) - Researcher at ISPI RAS.
  3. Pavel Grudinin (KPRF) - Director of Lenin State Farm CJSC.
  4. Vladimir Zhirinovsky (LDPR) - Chairman of the LDPR.
  5. Natalia Lisitsyna (ROT FRONT) - Crane operator JSC Metallurgical Plant Petrostal.
  6. Vladimir Mikhailov (self-promotion) - deputy of the Kostroma Regional Duma.
  7. Stanislav Polishchuk (Party of Social Reforms) - Chairman of the “Party of Social Reforms”.
  8. Vladimir Putin (self-promotion) - the current President of the Russian Federation.
  9. Ksenia Sobchak (“Civil Initiative”) - journalist, host of the TV channel “Rain”.
  10. Maxim Suraykin (“The Communists of Russia”) - the chairman of the party “The Communists of Russia”.
  11. Boris Titov (“Party of Growth”) - Chairman of the “Party of Growth”.
  12. Alexander Chukhlebov (self-promotion) - CEO of Elof Hansson LLC.
  13. Grigory Yavlinsky (“Yabloko”) - Chairman of the Federal Political Committee of the Yabloko Party.
  14. Irina Volynets (People’s Party of Russia) - Co-Chairman of the People against Corruption Party, Chairman of the National Parent Committee.

In a word, the choice is very many-sided, but such an abundance of applicants only means that there is no real replacement for Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Possible scenarios

  1. When the situation is under control.

True, it is theoretically possible to assume a compromise scenario when Putin’s control will continue with the arrival of the successor. Under this scheme, the president will have purely representative functions, and full-fledged power will be in the hands of Vladimir Vladimirovich, who will become the head of the State Council.

2. Prolongation of the board V.V. Putin's

In a word, one way or another, Putin’s best successor, as Vladimir Vladimirovich himself believes, is politically strong and absolutely true — he himself. If only health would not fail.

But hardly prolongation of Putin’s rule will help the country. After all, for the entire period of his presidency, they failed to create a full-fledged political structure that would be a guarantor of a painless change of power.

And what can we say about the arrival of the opposition, even if the transfer of control to someone of their own is fraught with cataclysms. The absence of cardinal changes over time will certainly lead to the problem of “continuity”, and the question will be much more acute.

Expectations will be short. It is obvious that the war for Putin’s place will begin immediately after his election for the last term allowed by the Constitution. Echoes of the approaching struggle can be heard today in the form of intrigues, scandals, investigations, gossip. And judging by the first prerequisites, the vendetta will be hot!


  1. citizens of the Russian Federation, the president of the Russian Federation will be Sergey Lavrov for one term, and Putin. Vladimir.Vladimirovich will have a rest at the post of the Government. God bless him personally from me !!! for he is the citizens of Tsar and RUSSIA became the Leader in the world community and goes only FORWARD.

  2. Roman, watch less TV. Russia cannot be a leader as long as corruption rules there. lawlessness, while every Russian citizen will not live in dignity, and the bureaucrats at the expense of the people will eat lobsters. How not to choke ???

  3. nothing personal, but faith in politicians who, over the 18 years of their rule, have done nothing to improve the lives of the majority of citizens, none. And this is the opinion of the absolute number of ordinary citizens.

  4. ELECTIONS - 2018

    Tamara Globa: “In the“ election ”* in the future era, when the forces of darkness think that they have corrupted the world and the victory in their pocket, the Spirit of Russia ** will win“ by one vote ”... And this will be the voice Conduct ... "*

    * March 18, 2018
    ** Power of Light

  5. You, the opposition x ... you, pounced on one positive comment in a crowd. How much do you get paid for it? If we compare the 90s, when it was impossible to solve matters without the trunk, our state is now: the standard of living has increased markedly, new plants are constantly being built, the agro-industrial complex rises, inflation is 4%, weapons are the best in the world with defense spending 10 times less than your favorite America, which denyushki pays you. With such thoughts that you send to the masses, you have a chance to destroy our great country and great people, they will destroy you too, you are just a tool - cannon fodder for our geopolitical enemies. Think about it.

    • For Sobchak, either a weak-minded or the same social lion can vote. By the way. Sometime in France, women’s institutions were created. Women were raised where they were. They were sold to one wealthy gentleman who has a family. For a certain kind of service. lioness ”. Do you need a socialite lioness?

  6. Grudinin from the Communist Party and the NPS! This is a real president! Otherwise, the extinction of the Russian man can not be avoided

  7. Kseniya!

    I wish you, or rather us, victory in the presidential elections in Russia in 2018!
    Good luck!

    Saoshiant *

    * Postman; “Open letter to Ksenia Sobchak”, October 23, 2017

  8. What do you think, Ksenia herself should go to a brothel herself, is it a politician? sternum who I heard about him before the race for the presidency. Zhirinovsky right guy !!!!!. edinorosy as parasites on the neck of the Russians and not how to be satisfied. and the fact that thieves so Russia is arranged so they steal steal and will steal. Only measures are needed to do with crime.

  9. I'm thinking: to vote for Putin is all that we have now. ”-Corruption, full of lawlessness. Yes, and I do not see his program? Some show volunteers? So who will be the program to put forward Putin himself or his ... .... ????
    I think of all the candidates, the best in the program and in the cases that I see is DROWED GRUDININ !!! Of course a lot of dirt on him now pour !!! But this is understandable !!! It was not expected that the people supported GUDININA !!!


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