1. Features of a man's jacket
  2. The actual length of the jacket
  3. Men's jacket: color solution
  4. How to choose a man's jacket?
  5. What to combine french?

The choice of clothes for men is of great importance, because women first of all pay attention to the style and taste of the chosen dress. Therefore, when creating an onion, it is very important that all its elements are selected with taste. The most catchy and attractive element of the overall male image is a service jacket. Such a jacket or jacket has a distinctive cut and a strict silhouette. Wearing a jacket, immediately gives the impression of smartness. A man gets notes of rigor and seriousness. Today, designers create new sophisticated models using unusual textures of fabrics, a variety of colors and accessories.

The main features of the men's jacket

First of all, the men's french collar stands out. It can be wrapped, buttoned or raised. With regards to pockets, they are usually large enough.However, the couturier did not set any limits at all. They create very attractive, original and exclusive french style. Next, we take a closer look at the nuances that distinguish the jacket from any jacket or jacket.

Silhouette french

Silhouette is very important for french. For this type of outer clothing is characteristic adjoining silt direct tailoring. With the help of his strict lines, you can visually make a man's figure slimmer and fitter.

French is a great option to hide minor flaws, and to emphasize all the advantages of a man's body.


For this type of clothing, a button closure is a characteristic feature. It is worth noting that the clasps have their own varieties. The first version of the buckle is double-breasted. In this situation, the fasteners are arranged in two rows on both sides. When single-breasted version of the fastener, respectively, one row of buttons is performed, which is often hidden by a strap. If the buttons are not hidden by the strap, they mostly play a decorative role. With regards to the button structure, designers try to use metallic or color-contrast materials.

French sleeves

Also one of the characteristic differences of the jacket is the cuff of the sleeves. The width of the cuff may vary depending on the strap or split cuff. This allows space and freedom of movement. Today, stylists prefer to decorate this feature of the jacket with additional decor.

Men's jacket pockets

When creating a fashionable men's jacket, the use of overhead massive pockets on valves, which are fastened with buttons, is very popular. Pockets with valves are very convenient and ensure the safety of the contents even with the most abrupt movements. Often perform 4 pockets: 2 at chest level and 2 are located at the bottom of the product. Pockets do not have to be voluminous, the inserted options are allowed at the bottom or only at the top. Often there are welt pockets that look very courageous and attractive.

The actual length of the jacket for men

First of all, the jacket is to some extent a jacket, therefore, it must also have a corresponding length (up to the thigh and a little lower). This length is considered the most universal for men. Elongated models - up to the knee, are not excluded, but this is a completely different style of a men's jacket.

Men's jacket: color solution

For men, it is characteristic to choose strict and fairly restrained colors, such as gray, black, dark blue or sandy tone. White jacket or khaki coloring looks very unusual and spectacular. This color design refers to the military style of military. Many designers, in addition to strict monochromatic tone models, offer options using contrasting texture or color in the form of decor. It is quite fashionable to perform decoration with decorative edging or accessories.

How to choose a man's jacket?

Undoubtedly, the jacket is suitable for all representatives of the stronger sex, but the owners of the short neck would best be limited to the choice of jackets with a resistant collar. Visually, the service jacket will shorten the neck even more and may contribute to causing discomfort to the man by rubbing his chin. When selecting a model, first of all, pay attention to how the service jacket sits on the figure. In no case should it wrinkle or form folds. That's right, if the jacket is exactly on the male figure. In order to avoid this error, check the shoulder line. It should coincide with the shoulder of a man. The correct fit of the shoulder will give a rather strict and taut look. Of course, when choosing this item of clothing can not ignore the accessories and material. Buttons in no case should not be tightly fastened.

What to combine french?

To date, stylists offer men a very large variety of models of french, so it is impossible to give a single recommendation that fits all criteria.Depending on the design decision, decor and materials, the jacket can easily fit into the solemn version of men's bow. Looks pretty organic french and with a dress for everyday use. We remind you that everything depends on the appearance of the model itself french. With this item of clothing, you can easily create an outfit in the style of military, sports, romantic or casual. The best option for a combination of jacket, of course, would be the pants of the classic version in the tone of a jacket or jeans. Under the jacket you can wear a shirt and tie, turtleneck or T-shirt. The choice of shoes should depend on the overall appearance of the man. If a man chose the proximity to the classics, then, of course, you need to put shoes on. If the outfit is casual, then you can prefer sneakers or sneakers.

The man's jacket is a very attractive and catchy element of the image. By choosing him, men emphasize their severity, attractiveness and seriousness. It is very important to follow all fashion trends and carefully approach the choice of french, then the attention of girls and well-groomed appearance is provided. The most important thing - do not be afraid to experiment with your images.


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