What to give your own hands: The best ideas


In the modern world, fewer and fewer people think about what to give to one or another person. Of course, today you can buy almost everything or present money. But we recommend not to forget that you can make a really good gift with your own hands. After all, any thing made with love is much more valuable and more expensive than a store present.

What can you donate?

Most people who want to do something with their own hands face this issue. To begin, we recommend to think about what one person or another likes. It is possible that you can bring it to life.

It is also worth thinking about how close a person is to you. For example, a small gift for an employee at work should not be too bulky and expensive. Otherwise it may not be perceived very correctly.

If the gift is intended for relatives or friends, then problems with the choice should not arise. After all, you probably know all their hobbies, dreams and aspirations.And we, in turn, prepared a selection of stylish and modern gift ideas that are suitable for a variety of holidays.

Decorative pillow

If you want to make a gift to a child or some of your friends, then we suggest making a pillow. But not quite normal, but decorative, in the form of a donut. It will be a great decoration of the room and will always remind you of you.

For its manufacture will need the following materials:

  • felt or fleece beige and pink
  • thread to match each shade
  • small colored pieces of felt
  • padding (eg batting)
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • pins
  • pencil.

Cut out of felt two circles of beige color. To do this, put the pieces of cloth on top of each other and draw a large circle using a plastic bucket or other container. Then in the center draw a small circle, encircling the plate.

Another pink circle should be slightly smaller. To make it look like icing on a donut, we will make its edges wavy.

As sprinkling we use multicolored pieces of felt, cutting them into strips of small size. Attach blanks to a circle of pink pins.

Sew multicolored details, and then attach pink felt to the beige base with pins.

With the help of a sewing machine we sew a pink piece along the edge.

Connect the beige rings and sew them in a zigzag. Be sure to leave a small hole to fill it.

We fill the pillow with a batting and everything, a beautiful gift is ready!

Depending on the hobbies of your loved ones, you can make a variety of pillow options.

Real players will be delighted with such a pillow!

Cute pillows in neutral shades will be a wonderful decoration of the children's room.

Sweet gifts

This gift will delight not only children, but also adults. After all, what could be better than your favorite sweets? That's right - a lot of sweets.

To make such a gift, purchase:

  • favorite sweets
  • glue
  • potty
  • floristic foam or foam
  • artificial grass
  • skewers.

Connect all the details as shown in the photo. Sweet gift is ready!

Picture of threads

If you want to congratulate a person who loves different elements of home decor, then try to make a picture.

You do not need to be able to draw, because you will need completely different details:

  • wooden plank
  • nails
  • hammer
  • threads of any shade
  • paper for drawing.

On paper we draw a big heart. We put the drawing on the board and along the contour we nail the nails with an interval of 2-2.5 cm, then remove the paper.

Tie the end of the thread to one of the nails. In random order weave a thread from one nail to another. Do this until all the space is covered.

We fasten the thread on one of the nails.

A beautiful picture of a heart is ready. This gift will surely please every person, as it ideally complements the interior and will remind you.

Depending on the preferences, interior style or hobbies of a person, you can make a picture with a different pattern. Beautiful and unusual examples are presented in the photo.

Stylish bracelet for sister or girlfriend

As you know, girls are real women of fashion. That is why handmade jewelry is a great gift for any holiday.

To make such an accessory, you will need:

  • simple thin bracelets
  • beads or a garland of beads
  • Super glue
  • threads of any shade.

Glue the beads to the bracelet with superglue. We wind each bead several times. In the end we fix the thread with glue.

You can make several bracelets of different shades so that it is more convenient to combine them with clothes.

By the way, as a supplement to this gift you can make a small tray for bracelets and other accessories. Just follow the instructions in the photo.

Beach bag with original print

A gift in the form of a bag with an unusual pattern will definitely surprise even the best friend. You can sew it using cotton material or purchase a finished one-color bag.

Acrylic paints are best suited to create a pattern.You can draw by hand or use a stencil, as shown in the photo.

Bouquet from candies

If you are invited to a holiday to a person who has everything, do not worry, make an original composition of sweets. Believe me, this gift will definitely like it and will attract the attention of all the guests.

In order to make flowers, you will need:

  • candies
  • corrugated paper of different shades
  • scissors
  • clear mica
  • skewers
  • strong thread.

Cut four pieces of different shades of corrugated paper, as shown in the photo.

Take one of them and fold four times.

On one side, cut the sharp corners.

Unfold the paper and give the petals a convex shape, stretching them.

Repeat the same with the remaining pieces of paper.

We twist the edges of the petals with a skewer.

Wrap the candy in transparent mica and fasten with thread.

We attach the smallest piece of paper.

Gradually add all the rest.

Such flowers can be combined into a beautiful bouquet or create an unusual composition. It all depends on your imagination.

Bulk letter

A wonderful gift for those who love creative things - a voluminous letter. This may be the first letter of the first or last name. Make it very easy, because you can use cardboard or wood. And then decorate on your own.

A gift for the real traveler

Is your loved one crazy about a particular country, or just dreaming to go there? We offer to help him or to motivate him to travel with his gift.

USB-drive in the original case

A great option to transform a simple device into a stylish accessory. This gift will surely delight every person.

Edible gift

If you don’t know a person very well or want to make a small gift to your colleagues, we suggest making an edible gift. To do this, you can use literally everything: cocoa, nuts, home-made cookies, marshmallows and much more.

Night light and candlestick do it yourself

Such a gift is not difficult to make. Moreover, it does not require too complex materials. Follow the instructions on the photo and be sure that the result will definitely please you.

A do-it-yourself gift is a really valuable thing. After all, often its production requires a lot of time and effort. But still the result is worth it. Be sure to try to implement at least one idea and share the results in the comments.

Do you like making gifts with your own hands or prefer to buy them?


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