Black and red manicure - the choice of strong and confident women who know exactly how to look bright and attractive. The provocative red tint in combination with black ceases to be defiant and vulgar, and turns into an elegant and sophisticated color.

The original combination of black and red looks great in solemn, evening, youth and even office bows. It is important how this combination is presented, what methods of decoration and decoration are used to create a manicure. In our review, you will learn about the most attractive and original black-and-red nail art that will forever change your attitude to these shades.

Black and red manicure: new stylish nail art

The current season can rightly be called the most loyal in terms of shades and decor of manicure. Almost all the ideas of nail art look appropriate and attractive, perhaps, with the exception of too bright neon shades and designs with excessive decorations.The red tint in the new season looks more relaxed and less aggressive. In the trend of nail art with a rich scarlet color, the color of red dawn, shades mixed with burgundy, crimson, coral.

Professional masters suggest using a combination of black and red in the following variations:

  • French and moon manicure in black and red
  • gradient design or ombre
  • Galaxy-art with the addition of glitters, imitating star dust
  • geometric neil art
  • marble or water-effect designs
  • designs with heat-resistant films or foil
  • Manicure with decor using stamps, artistic painting, openwork patterns and velvet sand
  • broken glass design

The anti-trends of the season were too bulky nail art with 3D colors, monograms, stickers, large conical stones and metal figures. If you use a similar decor in your nail art, then make them less voluminous.

French and moon manicure red with black

Modern french has long ceased to be a classic pastel. Today, the "smile line" and the whole space of the marigold is painted in any shade you like. The combination of red and black looks good in a jacket and moon manicure. We offer several ideas for such an original and eye-catching nail art:

  • simple french with staining of the main nail plate in red or black. The smile line is performed in a contrasting color.
  • original designs with an inverted moon and smile line. The result is a trendy frame design that visually enlarges the nail plate, which is indispensable for owners of short nails.

The trend of the last seasons - the wells of an unusual shape. Show your imagination and draw a diagonal, broken, triangular, concave line, changing its size and location.

Stylish gradient black and red manicure

Ombre manicure looks great on both short and long nails. Moreover, you can use 2 or more shades, which are gradually lightened to the edge of the nail plate. As for the black and red manicure, then it is worth using red with the edge of the nail, and black to paint the rest of the space.

Effectively and attractively gradient manicure looks in matte and glossy design. Use acrylic powder or glitter to accent the pattern, decorate the root hole with a pair of small rhinestones. This design will look more impressive and attractive.

Black and red lace manicure

The combination of black and red does not always have to look catchy and defiant. Lacy design of black and red nail art will give your nails finesse, grace and elegance. Not surprisingly, all the delicate and airy laces are popular both among housewives and among businesswomen who want to diversify too laconic office nail art.

Lace patterns on the nails - ideal for any dress and image, and the use of black and red will help make the manicure luxurious, original and exquisite.

Creating a lace manicure is very easy. It is enough to use real lace, mesh, tulle or a special set for a manicure. Lace pattern is great because it looks gorgeous on both long and short nails.

Black-red manicure for short nails

Dark shades have the ability to narrow the space, so for the owners of short nails the question is always relevant - what shades to use to make the manicure look attractive and stylish.

We offer several ideas that will help to visually enlarge short nails and decorate them with original patterns:

  • use geometric patterns in nail art - a win-win option - a triangle with an angle to the edge of the nail, color blocks, stripes with a gradient design or rhinestones
  • add another shade - a black and red design will help refresh a black or red tint, which are used to separate the main tones or to draw floral or geometric patterns
  • Give up large rhinestones or metal figures - they will look cumbersome on a small space of the nail plate. Limit yourself to pigments, beads, glitter or other shiny surfaces to help make the design more vivid.
  • combine black and red shades with the negative space technique

Red and black manicure with design: flowers, geometry, rhinestones

Modern nail art rarely do without design, black and red manicure is no exception. Any decorations that you used with other shades are allowed here.

As a "highlight" of your black and red nail art, use:

  • floral patterns - manicure looks gorgeous with a red rose on a black background, abstract flowers and other vegetation
  • acrylic sand - decorate them with painted flowers or geometric patterns, cover 1-2 fingers with acrylics completely
  • Black rhinestones - look great in combination with matte varnish, however, on the gloss black grains look no less impressive. This design will be the best addition to the evening or ceremonial bow.

Black and red manicure - the combination is not for everyone. This is a spectacular, challenging and eye-catching nail art that only a self-confident girl who is used to the admiring glances of others can afford. Our 100 ideas of black and red manicure for you, choose your favorite version and without a doubt create a great nail art on your nails, which is sure to become an example for imitation.


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