During the school years, many of us kept diaries in order to record something intimate in them. For example, thoughts about what is happening in life, about sympathies and relationships with parents. But times are changing, and now almost everyone has a diary. After all, it greatly simplifies life, eliminates the need to keep important information in your head. Scientists argue that keeping a diary can improve one’s well-being at all, namely, normalize pressure and sleep. And if you still haven't got one, then in this article you will see many examples of how keeping a diary can be turned into an interesting hobby.

Goals and dreams

The diary is first and foremost a personal space. Therefore, the first thing to write into it is your goals. These can be important dreams and plans for the year.

Ideas for ld

You can highlight special sheets for recording current affairs and goals to which you aspire.

personal diary for girls

You can make comments or notes about what you need to achieve. After a certain time, it will be very interesting to read and note what happened and what did not.This is a very useful practice because it allows you to analyze your actions, highlight the important and paramount for yourself, as well as understand where to go further.

Impressions of reading books and watched movies

All of us in one way or another are engaged in self-development, we watch different films and read books. Therefore, it is possible to allocate a place in the diary to write down those works that you plan to watch or read.

Oddly enough, the information we receive from these sources greatly influences further actions and life in general. Writing mini-reviews of books or films is a good way to rethink everything for yourself and mark the most important points. With the help of such a unique catalog you can advise your friends a worthwhile, interesting film or book.

Happy moments of life

In everyday life, very often pleasant little moments of joy occur. And at that time it seems that it will be remembered for a lifetime. But after a month you may not remember those feelings and emotions that you experienced. Therefore, use the diary part to record the joyful moments that make up the whole life. It may seem that they have no meaning, but believe me, over time you will realize that these are the most valuable entries. After all, they will remind you how it was fun and good with certain people. They will remind you who you were and are now. With their help, you can make the right decision and go towards your goals.

Favorite dishes

If you like to travel, visit new places and prefer to have a tasty meal, be sure to take notes with interesting recipes, the names of delicious dishes and drinks. Connect the fantasy, draw, use a variety of stickers and stickers. All this will help to diversify the section on food.

Do not forget to monitor the amount of water you should drink per day. And better make the corresponding note in the diary.

Traveler notes

Travels expand horizons, change people and give special emotions. And if you manage to visit different cities and countries, then do not miss a minute, and be sure to write everything down. These may be first impressions or stories about various places of interest and just about what places you have visited.

Supplement such sections with photos, sketches, different tickets, tokens and bills. All these entries will remind you how great it is to travel. And after reading your own emotions, you will definitely book your ticket again.

You can also make lists that you must take with you on a trip. Or write about which countries you plan to visit this year. Such lists will not only simplify life, but will also motivate you to action.

Quotes and all that inspires

Every person is motivated by something, be it a story from a life or a series, a read book or a phrase from a fashion magazine. Do not hesitate and be sure to write down what you like in the diary. Such phrases will inspire you, help you move forward in difficult moments.

In any case, remember that the diary is something that belongs only to you. Therefore, write in it all that you see fit. It may even be lists for going to the store, impressions of a new kind of tea or a plan for how to celebrate a birthday.


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